And certainly one of the most important grape varieties of vine and wine scene in Italy and is certainly the most late in the collection. Suffice it to say that the harvest ends in late November or even in the first ten days of December!

It represents an extraordinary example of adaptation and selection of the species and demonstrates, once again, that Nature is perfect! Its shape and inverted cone lengthened, lets drain water quickly autumn rains. The coating abundant bloom (a protective wax on the berry skins) allows you to play a repellent that repels damp mists of autumn, often recurrent.

The abundant tannin content creates a sort of "shell" that protects the real fruit, the seeds. Only when these are ripe, the protective structure will change to free them to perform their function: propagate the species! We could compare the grape to the uterus of a Mother: only when the child is ready, the waters will break!

And the marvel of Nature perfect: it is Mother Earth, and Ma Terr! Only in Vulture and, in particular, in Upper Vulture, the conditions are best for the maturation of vine Aglianico that, in this area, due to its special characteristics of maturity, it is "baptized" the Vulture, to signify its specificity and uniqueness!

Not surprisingly, in the register of the Ministry of varieties, Aglianico del Vulture has a self-registration code that distinguishes and differentiates from the more common Aglianico!

The Territory

Aglianico del Vulture - AltoVulture - Ma Terr

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